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20-Minute Filipino Beef Picadillo

Picadillo (meaning “minced”) is a ground beef- and tomato-based stew. It’s an approachable and versatile dish that you’ll find different variations in many Latin America and Philippine households. I’ve made my version the simplest dish to cook while retaining that tasty, sweet-salty flavor. My family, including my toddlers, toddlers just love this Filipino Beef Picadillo, which makes me very happy…

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30-Minute Bacon, Lemon and Peas Pasta

Green garden peas are tossed with bacon, cheese and lemon juice in this vibrant and tasty Bacon and Peas Pasta. The tube shape and ridges of penne help catch and hide the peas from picky kids! Share as a side or main dish. Prep Time Cook Time Total Time Yields 0 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes 6 servings Ingredients: 10…